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Me and my Ferrets

imageWe have two ferrets, called Mildred and Enid. Mildred was a stray, however she was tame, so we kept her. Enid is Mildred’s daughter, but the father, Rocky, sadly passed away. Both of their names are from ‘ The Worst Witch’ . At one point we had eight ferrets! Both are very friendly, but you must be careful not to put Mildred near to your face, as she has bitten a couple of people’s noses. We used to have a ferret called Flap-jack, when we went on holiday, my Nan and Grandad looked after him and he escaped … Six months later, we had a phone call from my Dad’s friend to say that he had found a ferret, we decided that it was Flap-jack!

Ferrets are carnivores, which mean that they only eat meat. We feed them raw meat scraps, from the butchers, but sometimes they get rabbit meat, from rabbits they have caught themselves. Rabbit is their favourite , which is lucky because it is the best for them as well. Every day the ferrets are waiting for their food , hanging impatiently on the wire.

We take our ferrets on walks, with harnesses and leas, sometimes we let them off. They enjoy crawling around in certain plants, such as; lavender and lemon balm. When we are on walks with them, many curious  people come over to ask what they are, once someone thought that they were squirrels.

By Ursularlydd


4 Responses to “Me and my Ferrets”

  1. What a fascinating post Ursula. I’d like to meet your ferrets one day!

  2. I like how you explained what you feed them and sorry about all your other ferrets that sadly passed. Hopefully they won’t eat my rabbit Toby!!!

  3. Thank you taught me what ferrets ate because I thought they eat vegetables
    It made me laugh when you said that someone thought they were squirrels.

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