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The Very Strong Woman Miss La La!!!!!!!

imageAnxiously , I held my jaw on the metal bar. My hands hung freely but shook  uncontrollably . My jaw was red with pain, my teeth  chipped away from the never ending pain of hanging from the stupid metal bar once again. Apprehensively,  I held on. The crowed cheered for more. My brain said stop but my heart said carry on (so did the crowed).

They loved me, I needed to let go but I didn’t. The pain was excruciating . I had to hold on ” I need this money to feed Lola but I have to let go!” I told myself. Then I spotted Lola my daughter  in the audience. “Let go !” She told me. ” let go, daddy’s  got a good buisness  he can pay for our food . ”  Sam came up and showed  me the money . ” Let go !” She told me  her voice becoming  faint .  I knew it was time to let go . That was the end of my career  . There was no turning back now it was the end !



3 Responses to “The Very Strong Woman Miss La La!!!!!!!”

  1. This is a fantastic piece of writing, I can tell you’ve tried to use some really powerful words. Great use of excruciating and apprehensively. Well done!

  2. Thank you ever so much Mr . Bundle .

  3. I liked the end bit it was the end 😉

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