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All about me, by Maya Lydd

My name is Maya and I live with my mum and dad. I used to have a hamster called Bananas but she sadly died. She was brown with a white stripe in the middle of her belly.

I play for grasshopper girls football club and my dad, Andy is the manager, I play in goal!

My mum is very good at arts and crafts as on book day she hand makes all my costumes! My mum is now making a tortoise costume for one of my friends fancy dress birthday party.

I have lots of friends and they are very kind and caring.

At my school we have lots of nice and friendly teachers, I am in tigers class and next year I will be in flamingos. I am in y5.

I have lots of different hobbies:

* football

* PlayStation ( I love dirt racing 3 )

* golf

*crafting ( art )

* riding my bike

* sports

and lots more.

this is me, Maya and this is who I am!!!!!!!!!!



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  1. very good Maya! R.I.P bananas! :'[

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