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All about me, by Maya Lydd

My name is Maya and I live with my mum and dad. I used to have a hamster called Bananas but she sadly died. She was brown with a white stripe in the middle of her belly. I play for grasshopper girls football club and my dad, Andy is the manager, I play in goal! My […]

The Very Strong Woman Miss La La!!!!!!!

Anxiously , I held my jaw on the metal bar. My hands hung freely but shook  uncontrollably . My jaw was red with pain, my teeth  chipped away from the never ending pain of hanging from the stupid metal bar once again. Apprehensively,  I held on. The crowed cheered for more. My brain said stop […]

my dads work and website

My dad has his own bingo club in Folkestone called Seven. He owns the bingo club, he pays the rent all by himself and sometimes I am allowed to go there! Whilst he calls out the bingo numbers, I get to stay with the people he works with! His work partners are : Matt,Peter,Yasmin, Ilene & […]

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