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Mrs lala

I clenched on with my strong chipped teeth hanging on and not looking down. There was silence and all I could hear was people breathing heavily and everyone gasping loudly . Every time I did this trick my teeth would become more damaged and my jaw would start to burn even more. Sometimes when I […]

Jack H lydd

  Dear Shrimps, I miss you very truly, you was the whole of my heart, but now you’ve left a hole inside it, it’s like a part of me has been stolen and ripped into pieces. Just think of all the fun we could of had, skippin’ together and dancing with laces in our hands […]

My life

I’m not like any normal person, I’ve got a side weaker than the other so I would like to live in a world of people who don’t mock others because they’re different to you.  I know how it feels to be that way so if you have autism and it’s putting you down take it […]

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