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My letter to shrimps, by Maya Lydd

Dear Shrimps

I miss you, I finally had a brother, I only just found my brother. There is now a hole in my heart. I miss your smiling face and the way you used to skip with me. You made skipping Jim, you made people watch me, you started my career.

I miss the way you flung your laces above your head and twirled then round like a cowboys rope. I can remember the day that we met , I was so alone but you made me feel like the happiest boy in the world.

I miss you, since I lost my ma I’ve been with lots of different people, but your voice ┬áhas been guiding me through it. Now your voice has parted from my head, and died with your soul.

I miss you brother

lots of love, happiness and skipping, from Jim



14 Responses to “My letter to shrimps, by Maya Lydd”

  1. That is so so nice it made me cry.

  2. I love your work it’s really great!

  3. I liked your way that you said that now there is a hole in my heart I really liked it and it really builder up the tense I really like it Maya well done!!!

  4. I really liked the way you build up the tension it was really good, well done maya!

  5. Great emotions and words. I also liked you’re simile that described the way he sawing his laces.

  6. I loved it maya! this is a great and emotional piece of work

  7. that’s ok Maya!

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