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My Diary Entry by emmalydd

Dear diary, I couldn’t believe my eyes today. I met the sweetest young boy called Jim Jarvis, and he told me his story, from when he started in his cottage, to when he met me at the ‘Ragged School’. I’m still ashamed and startled that we live in such a monstrous world.

I don’t understand why rich people are ignoring poor people and not helping them to find a home instead? I can’t bear that all these children are either sleeping in the streets or on top of shops on the roofs.

I just came up with a brilliant idea! I’m going to open an orphanage for homeless children! Jim, all his homeless friends and others, can sleep there and enjoy their 3 meals a day, also they can get jobs and buy their own food, and they wouldn’t have too live in the orphanage! I will tell Jim tomorrow and we can get the money we need to build it!

9 Responses to “My Diary Entry by emmalydd”

  1. Very good I mean brilliant.

  2. I like the first bit it’s really good I like the word monsters it’s great we’ll done!

  3. Wow Emma what a piece of writing I love the part when you described Jim and his journey!!!!!!

  4. I think that you have thought very hard about your choice of words, I think that you have got some very good ideas about the orphanage and how you are going to run it.

  5. I really loved the 2 first paragraphs
    Beacause you described how Jim told Barnie his story

  6. I loved it Emma ! I loved that you said that it was a monstrous world! very good piece of work!

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