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Goodbye Shrimps

Dearest Shrimps,

I am missing you ever so much, it’s like yup cracked my heart. When you died my heart sank and froze like ice. You were the the only one there for me, when you smiled ¬†and danced my heart filled with joy but now you’re gone and I am full of sadness.

You were one of the only people that understood me. You were amazing but now you’re gone I am alone I wish you were here. Sadly I can’t visit you’re grave because it is to risky, but I do think about you lot’s. My mind is full of fears for the days ahead but remember you. You kept me going you were the flame in my Lantern, but now that flame has gone out I am left in the dark. You were the only one there for me, you were the only that could make me smile.You were like a bruvver to me.

Goodbye I won’t forget you,

From Jim.

3 Responses to “Goodbye Shrimps”

  1. I really like yours because it has loads of emotion

  2. I like yours beacause you put in very good emotional words to describe how Jim felt

  3. I love it Jacob! very good and emotional piece of work! I can tell that you worked extremely hard on this

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