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Goodbye Shrimps

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Dear Shrimps,

I’ve missed you so much bruvver, I come to your grave everyday and I would stay there for a few hours. And I would steal some flowers just for your sake. After you had died I did not speak for at least a week. You were the only family member I had left and now it has all just disappeared in just a few days.

Without you I’ve had a hard time, learning how to survive in the streets. And without you I have been missing a chunk of my heart. I really miss your mischievous face that you made whenever you successfully stole something you were proud of.

And now that you your life has ended, I want to end mine too. But as soon as I tried to commit suicide I realised I should just keep on living my life.

From Your Dearest Bruvver


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  1. Very good. We’ll done

  2. I loved it ! well done!

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