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Goodbye bruvver, by Sophielydd

Dearest bruvver,

I was speechless when you died because you were the only thing I had left in the whole world. I thought we were going to be with each other forever and ever , I thought you were it , the one who would look out for me . I really miss you Shrimps your joyous dancing and your cheeky little mischievous face.

Me and you, we had the whole world in front of us , it was hard saying goodbye to you but even harder saying goodbye to our future and dreams. You were always smiling a cheeky grin even when me or you or both of us was going down were the one who I could talk to about my dreams and hopes because I know you would keep them. Not long ago my mum died I thought I lost everything then but I we’ll and truly have know. I’ve lost you Emily, Lizzie and my Mum I’ve lost everything in the whole wide world it feels like.

I miss you bruv I will never ever forget you.

Love Jim

2 Responses to “Goodbye bruvver, by Sophielydd”

  1. We done I love the last paragraph it was fab.!!!!!

  2. I loved it! I especially loved the first sentence on the second paragraph!

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