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Good bye brother

Dearest shrimps.                                                                           25.11.2013

Brother,now you are gone this cruel world is glum.You lit up the faces of the street boys,I miss them laces high above your head.your cheeky face will never be lost in my heart.

We decorated your grave with laces not just that but with memory’s.Every night the grave digger comes I stay a little longer.

Although you are dead,we can still travel the world because all your memory’s still come with me.Some times I cry for so manny reasons .The hole in my heart is like a home for you because you will forever live in my heart.

P.S when I reach you on the over side I will dace the best dance we will ever dance.


2 Responses to “Good bye brother”

  1. That is really moving Bethany, it was brill. Good job!

  2. It was great!
    A few more minutes of editing and it will be superb!

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