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Dear shrimps


Dear bruvver,

I miss you, I feel really lonely without  someone like you cheering me up ,

I feel like my heart has been broken by a giant rock that has fell on me. All of the boys keep saying how is up your friend shrimps but I don’t answer I remember your orange frizzy hair that poked me in the eye when I look at you I will always remember you bruvver, always I will , I will

I remember when I said that both of us will travel the world and then make cakes for me and you forever so me and you won’t starve,

I will always remember you always 

love from you pal, Jim Jarvis

8 Responses to “Dear shrimps”

  1. That was a really moving piece of work jack well done.

  2. I like it but there are a few spellings that don’t make sense.

  3. Really good jack nice emotions.

  4. Best one I’ve seen all day.

  5. Well done Jackw you nearly made me cry

  6. Very good Jack I especially like how you put the emotions!!!!!!!!

  7. Brilliant Jack but there are a couple of spelling mistakes.

  8. I loved it jack, apart from at the end of the first paragraph it has no punctuation !

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