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Here is an extract from my work: I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw the boy’s sleeping on the market roof’s, I’m not insular so I thought I should do something about this. I was horrified whenI heard about the employers I thought they were dop’s because they we’re beating them and not paying […]

Goodbye Shrimps

The Crates 25.11.1857 Dear Shrimps, I’ve missed you so much bruvver, I come to your grave everyday and I would stay there for a few hours. And I would steal some flowers just for your sake. After you had died I did not speak for at least a week. You were the only family member […]

Goodbye Shrimps

Dearest Shrimps, I am missing you ever so much, it’s like yup cracked my heart. When you died my heart sank and froze like ice. You were the the only one there for me, when you smiled  and danced my heart filled with joy but now you’re gone and I am full of sadness. You […]

Goodbye bruvver, by Sophielydd

Dearest bruvver, I was speechless when you died because you were the only thing I had left in the whole world. I thought we were going to be with each other forever and ever , I thought you were it , the one who would look out for me . I really miss you Shrimps […]

My Diary Entry by emmalydd

Dear diary, I couldn’t believe my eyes today. I met the sweetest young boy called Jim Jarvis, and he told me his story, from when he started in his cottage, to when he met me at the ‘Ragged School’. I’m still ashamed and startled that we live in such a monstrous world. I don’t understand […]

My Diary Entry by Ursularlydd

    I can’t believe what I have I have heard! Today, I met a young boy, he was the sweetest little boy in the world, he showed me round London, it was an appalling sight. There were tonnes of boys living on a roof, none of them were very well. What can I do […]

Dear shrimps

Dear bruvver, I miss you, I feel really lonely without  someone like you cheering me up , I feel like my heart has been broken by a giant rock that has fell on me. All of the boys keep saying how is up your friend shrimps but I don’t answer I remember your orange frizzy […]

My letter to shrimps, by Maya Lydd

Dear Shrimps I miss you, I finally had a brother, I only just found my brother. There is now a hole in my heart. I miss your smiling face and the way you used to skip with me. You made skipping Jim, you made people watch me, you started my career. I miss the way […]

Good bye brother

Dearest shrimps.                                                                           25.11.2013 Brother,now you are gone this cruel world is glum.You lit up the faces of the […]

Letter to shrimps

Dear Shrimps, You were always there to make me smile, you were my life. There is something missing in my heart and that is you. Your red frizzy hair made me smile but now I can’t see it. Just if you were alive we could do what we said we were going to do. I […]

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