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Please have a read and comment on some of our Highwayman openings

What do you like about these openings? Is there anything that might help to make them better?The_Highwayman_by_TatjanaAgness

100 word Challenge: The Music Tape

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minecraft creeper diary,villagers vs zombies

Dear diary,

Today I went out to to see THE GREAT VILLAGERS VS ZOMBIES GAMES!!! Sorry about the capitals but this our version of the olympic but with only one event,villagers hunt, it works like this.The villagers get a wooden sword and leather armor and the zomies have to infect them, if the villagers live for the night they win(because the zombies burn in day light)but if they all get infected and turn in to zombies villagers, the zombies win. When I watched the villagers won with one villager left,bob he won 64 emerald(which villagers crave most)So good bye for now.

The Wonky Tonkey Donkey, By MayaLydd

The Wonky, Tonkey Donkey

Koalas are cute and cuddly,

Giraffes are as tall as the sky,

The doctors been to the donkey but…

He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.


Hippos give a big yawn,

Monkeys give a cheeky smile,

The doctors been to the donkey but…

He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.


Tigers happy with their stripes,

Snakes hissssss out loud,

The doctors been to the donkey but…

He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.


Lions standing tall and proud,

Eagles soaring in the air,

The doctors been to the donkey but…

He still has a wonky, Tonkey leg.


The doctors fixed the donkey,

He doesn’t  have a wonky, Tonkey leg,

Donkey gets back on his scooter…

OH NO! He has a wonky, Tonkey leg!


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The highwayman galloped furiously down the dusty road, through the abandoned misty forest on his mighty horse! As he swooped through the forest like a bat in a cave he felt the air push his body in all directions but he kept his steady and held on. As he reached the old and lifeless front garden of the mossy inn. In this inn there lived the highwayman’s ‘girlfriend’ named Bess, who was the landlords daughter. He looked in the window of the pub and who should be standing there, the landlords daughter Bess. She was standing there flirting with the soldier of a highwayman and then the landlord interfered with love. Bess asked politely if the mighty highwayman would care to enter, but he refused and exclaimed that he would, but he had to go. He said for her to watch for him by moonlight and no hell shall bar his way. He then galloped off like he was on his own in the ghostly abandomed forest. As the highwayman left there was bad news for Bess because the ostler Tim was listening to their conversation and he dreamed to be with Bes, but Bess didn’t. Tim wanted to kill the highayman so Bess would not be able to love the highwayman and will just give Tim a higher chance to get a girlfriend.

The tragic story of the Highwaymen

The wind twisted and whistled through the trees as the moon pushed the sun out of the sky. In the distance the highwaymen came shooting up the rotting road . He was determined to reach his true love Bess (the landlord’s dauhter ). He  arrived at the old Inn door and sighed in joy and whistled a sweet love tune at her window ! He asked for a kiss as he was going back to his dirty duty  and  promised to be bock in the morning!

The Highwayman

“I hope that ghastly, stupid highway man doesn’t come back, I’m surprised they haven’t caught him yet, I hope they string him up when they do” muttered Tim the ostler to himself. Just then the highwayman came clashing over the cobbles. “Oh no not that interfering, black hearted, evil highwayman” Tim said fiercely to himself.” “Hello anybody home?” shouted the highwayman up to his love. Nobody answered so he decided to whistle a long lost tune.
“Yes” Bess the black eyed daughter finally answered.
“Just one kiss my love”
“Ok just one” Bess shouted back.

My opener

“I’ve had the most terrible day, but that will all change soon as we’re going to see my Bess my back eyed Bess. Until I see my Bess this jet black sky will remain clear of the stars in my heart. When it’s meant to be the stars seem to glisten . Meant to be is when you find your heart. When it’s meant to be that’s destiny calling and that’s how I feel.”

The Highwayman

The rusty iron shoes of the black devil, the highwayman’s steed, thumped heavily against the rough glow of the sunlight, but the light washed out as the moon chased the sun away.The sky filled with darkness and mischief. Even though the Highwayman was burning with pain all over he took a sigh of happiness as he knew he would now see the only love he had!
He halted as he saw the gates and anxiously leaped down from his dark horse. He walked heavily with his large leather boots.

The highwayman

The Highwayman came galloping at a super sonic speed up to the old in door that was slowly rotting away. ‘Bess I’ve come for you.’shouted the Highwayman up at the top window.she slowly walked up to the casement fiddling with her hair.The highway man was stunned she looked more beautiful than ever.She had jet black hair.

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